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A clean sweep of emails....

Well it turns out, that if you don't delete any emails from your account in over seven years, your inbox can get a bit full. I discovered this morning that the 5000+ emails in my inbox were preventing me from receiving any new ones. Turns out I needed to perform an urgent email deep cleansing.

So... in my efforts to free up space, I may have deleted a few extra emails that I needed to keep. Just putting this out there, that if you have ordered a portrait and haven't received any correspondence from me, this is why. My admin skills may have been a bit hasty and heavy handed. So please, if you have requested something from me, can I ask you to please resend? I have ample space in my inbox now and wont be deleting anything for another 7 years.

I am taking orders for Christmas, so don't be shy in asking. xx

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